January Exams - Revision Tips

Exam season comes around far too quickly. I try to pre-empt it as much as possible by starting early - early being pre-Christmas! This helps me to relax as I push into the second busy period of the year. There’s nothing worse than getting to within two days of your first exam and having to cram half the content as you haven’t planned enough time in to take in all the information required.

I had a go at devising a rigid revision technique to ensure that I didn’t miss anything. This consisted of:

  • Revising in two hour stints with twenty minutes off between each “shift”
  • I really like rewriting all of the notes I’ve taken in lectures, this helps me to further condense information
  • Once I have rewritten my notes I will try to get all the information I have processed onto one single piece of A3 paper – like a giant poster. I’ll have this on my wall so I can glance up at it subconsciously.
  • Furthermore, I’ll have small cue cards around the house (e.g. on the fridge) to help remind myself what I have learnt.

A lot of fellow classmates and university friends will be pretty stressed around this time of year. If things start to get too much, lecturers are there to offer advice if you’re starting to struggle. Earlier this term I had to apply for extenuating circumstances on two of my courseworks as I was away competing for two months.

I am a competitive sailor

I am a competitive sailor

There are many reasons you may have to apply for extenuating circumstances and the university can support you. This can be illness, family tragedy or sport, but it is imperative that you get a letter from your doctor or coach to support your application as not all circumstances are valid.

It is important to take breaks when you can. It’s so easy to get drawn into the “work all the time at 100% effort” mentality. This is great, but it’s so important to take time off at times to avoid stress. To do this, I go clay pigeon shooting. It helps me to connect with the outdoors and helps me switch off from university life. Being so close to the sea, it’s pretty easy to go surfing. I try to go as much as I can as it’s great for fitness and wicked fun! There are two pretty good surf beaches relatively close; Whitsands which is pretty messy at this time of year and of course Fistral Beach, which is nice in the winter as it’s not too busy, although you’ve got to make sure you’ve got a thick wetsuit!