Finding a house at uni

It doesn’t take long for November to come around, the hype of freshers week has long gone and deadlines are starting to appear. Amongst all of this the pressure for finding a house for the year after has been set on you. There’s loads of different options you can go for when selecting a house. I’ll try to outline some of the things I did right and some of the things that I did wrong to help make your lives easier.

First off, there a lot of houses available in Plymouth and it is crucial at this point that you take your time and find something that is just right for you. We looked around 6/7 houses before finding the one we wanted!


You can often find landlords through word of mouth or also find them through the university’s Residence Life team, who have a database of approved landlords and properties.

Make sure you read the contract thoroughly, we got stung with an “unexpected” sign-up fee which our landlord knew nothing about- so be really cautious. If you need any help reading through contracts, our Residence Life Team can help you with this.

When choosing flat mates, always go for the clean ones! Don’t put yourself in a situation where you will be asking that one person to be clearing up their stuff constantly. If you had a good flat in halls who you got a long with well, it’s normally a good choice to stick with them. All of my flat mates, I met through halls, societies or through mates. There five of us living in the house (all males) we keep our house immaculate, contrary to the stereo type that 5 boys = a messy house.

Always think about your long-term relationship with the people that you’re going to move in with, try to avoid controversial people.

It’s an exciting time as it marks true independence - embrace it and don’t mess it up by living with people that you don’t get along with!