Laser Tag, Awards Ceremonies and Stress Relief

It has been a while since my last #mylifewithplym blog and university life has picked up heavily with assignments and my lurking dissertation deadline. However even with all of that it is important to remember that it’s always good to have some time to ‘recharge the batteries’ so to speak. So here is what I have been up to around Plymouth, to make sure that I don’t end up simply lying in bed all day eating tubs of pringles while crying about the upcoming deadlines. 

Brutal Military Campaigns

No, not actual military campaigns, that’s illegal. However I have found a particularly stress relieving activity to be that of board games, more specifically for our house, RISK. Shouting, arguing, broken alliances leading to inter-house conflict. Playing board games is a great way to have a laugh and allowing healthy venting of frustration by arguing over small plastic pieces and things that don’t matter. It is important to note that none of it is serious and we all remain friends at the end of the game. But damn it Dan, Iceland was mine. 

Exploring Plymouth

Plymouth is a city notorious for its rain and wind, but when it’s spring time and the sun has come out, Plymouth really shows why it is such a gorgeous place to live. From sunbathing in central park, to going for a nice walk along the hoe and barbican, Plymouth can be a really chill place to just walk around and enjoy. A personal favourite of mine is to grab some good ol’ fish’n’chips from one of the barbican chippies and relax on the seafront. Even after three years here, I can still go out and enjoy the vistas that Plymouth provides. 

Societies and Silly Games

I have talked about societies before, but I have to say, going out with a society for a night can be an absolute barrel of laughs. From being tied together and asked to protect an egg while going on a bit of a crawl (actual event) to having a sit down and a chat. One of my favourite things to do is just go out for a nice bit of socialising, and to be honest sometimes I just need to get out of the house. It doesn’t even have to be a night out clubbing, I went to laser tag with the Harry Potter society for instance. Did pretty good too! 

Awards ceremonies

Finally, just yesterday I went to the UPSU SSTAR awards, a fantastic event put on by our VP Education, Steph. It was a fantastic evening that was a great break from the long library stints and allowed for a night of pure chill while celebrating the folks that went above and beyond this year. I even managed my speech, despite making liberal use of the free wine beforehand. A massive thank you to Agnes Morgan for these fantastic photos and allowing me to use them here. Makes a change from the photos my potato powered phone gives!

In conclusion, it would be fair to say that I have been doing a lot to relieve the stress of what is now going into my last term within Plymouth University. If anything, it shows that going to university has introduced me to lots of different experiences and chances that I have been more than happy to enjoy. For now however, it is back to my little hobbit hole of work, for while it is near the end of my time at uni, I still have lots of work left!