Into the final semester of 3rd year

It has been a while since my last blog, with the holidays and everything else going on, I haven’t had too much time to fit my blogging in. With this blog I hope to inform you of how you can spend your holidays in Plymouth and also as to where I am in my course, which if I am honest, is probably one of the most important times now for me.

As you can see from the picture below, Plymouth during the Christmas season was very, very wet, like the rest of the country! With that said, there were still loads of seasonal activities to take part in. I myself went to see the pantomime this year, which was absolutely hilarious. Gok Wan makes a fantastic fairy godmother. There were lots of little seasonal shops down the high street, selling great food and a personal favourite of mine, mulled wine. They also, as they do every year, set up the ice rink on Armada way. I avoided the Ice skating rink this time however as my balance is atrocious, let alone while on a thin bit of metal sliding across frozen water.  

Coming back to the present day, following the season of Christmas, came the season of flash cards and 12-hour library sessions. January exams. The bane of every student’s life, January exams followed quickly for me. With the time between New Year’s day and now becoming nothing but a blur of study and stress. Luckily, this period was a rather short one for me with only one exam on Foreign Policy Analysis. Riveting, I know.

I am at an incredibly important part of my course with Plymouth Uni now exams are finished. It’s my last semester here at Plymouth Uni, my Dissertation on Japanese History is looming and job interviews are everywhere (which led to the shameless suit selfie above). 

So while I wait for what I hope to be good news from potential employers and for the new term to begin, my time is filled with working on my dissertation and preparing myself for what comes after University. Third year has definitely been the busiest for me yet, as expected, and it has no signs of slowing down. With it looking so busy, I will hopefully be able to post in future editions of my blog helpful tips such as alternate studying locations, great ways for students to manage stress and cheap ways for a fun night out for students.