Societies at university are an amazing way to experience student life. Societies are student led organisations/clubs that promote and participate in a wide range of activities. Each year I have joined a variety of societies, but this year I have joined 3 in particular.

First is the Rock and Live Music Society. I joined this society 3 years ago, when I first started university. Complete with a weekly night out at the local rock club, Christmas roast dinners with the whole society and to top it all off, an end of year boat party with a private after party. My time in RockSoc has probably been some of my most memorable time at University, going to see some of my favourite bands around Plymouth (Korpiklaani gig anyone?), being really bad at pub quizzes and having a 50 man roast dinner. The experiences I have had RockSoc are too plentiful to list! 

Secondly, the Sexpression society. A new one to me this year and different from most societies. Sexpression acts as a branch for the Sexpression Charity and we go around teaching valuable sex education to the local schools. Only recently did I do my first teach and I have to say it was pretty terrifying if I am honest. Luckily I had a committee member to help guide me through the teach.  I have to say, it was a pretty good experience to try teaching a subject that I have had no experience teaching before.

A couple of my society t-shirts!

A couple of my society t-shirts!

The third society I joined was Mixed Martial Arts Sports. This is another new society that I joined this year and one which really tires me out. Since joining I have learnt and practised Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, elements of Muay Thai, Judo and more. The sessions are varied and plentiful so there’s always something different to do. I won’t lie, I do question my level of fitness each time, when I leave sweating buckets and aching all over. Admittedly, since deadlines have crept up I haven’t spent as much time there as I should have, however that will definitely change when I get more free time.

On top of all this I have had many other experiences with different societies. James Bond night with the Assassins Guild in first year and chasing people with a plastic battle-axe around campus for one of their games. I will be attending a winter ball with the Harry Potter society next month. All in all I would say that Societies have been a fundamental part of my university life, introducing me to new experience, new long lasting friends and new hobbies.