Being a student rep

The end of term for me was rather quiet, my deadlines were out of the way quite early, I found myself with more time to commit to my other obligations. One of which is being the student representative for the School of Humanities and Performing Arts. Quite the flashy title I know, however it's not such a flashy 'job'. Every course at Plym Uni has 'course reps' their job being to be a liaison between staff and students for that specific year and course. My job as student rep is rather similar, I act as a liaison for all the courses within a school at the university. This means I have to attend meetings, mostly with the academic staff of the school and I will pass on any inquiries, complaints or things that are going well. All in the effort of refining the courses I represent.

That's not all the student representatives do though. For example, I went to the Disable Students forum on the 26/11 in an effort to find out what I can about the recent government cuts, allowing me to better answer questions those students affected might have about the situation. With academic forums, societies forums, sports forums etc, there is a lot for a rep to get involved with that isn't necessarily based on their course or school.

Whilst it may not sound like a very interesting job, I find that being a student rep allows me to take a part in the decisions that affect all students at Plymouth. It also allows me as a student to get my concerns, and the concerns of other students heard.  Finally, I get a free hoodie, can't say no to a free hoodie!