My first week at Plymouth

So here I was, my first day at Plymouth University as a mature student. How could I possibly have gone from my experiences of this to the left…Downton Abbey, to wondering around a beautiful place known as ‘The Ocean City’? It was called ‘gumption’ that got me here and a sheer determination to change my life. I have had a colourful life so far. Travelling and working in different countries, trying to break into the acting profession, until then I realised my passion for the ocean far outweighed that of being on camera. Life is definitely what you make of it and I chose to be bold and explore the southern part of the country and embark on a degree that would hopefully give me the answers to life and my chosen career path. I reveled in the delight of being a full time student. Leaving a job behind, where the alarm set for 04:30 every morning was now a distant memory.

After packing all my stuff up, along with my two cats, I made the arduous journey down South. I arrived at 9am on a Saturday.  I don’t know what possessed me to then spend the next 5 hours wandering the streets of the Plymouth but I was excited about seeing what the city had to offer. My first stop naturally was the ocean.

It was pretty breathtaking and to be this close, was surreal, especially if you are from the country. The harbor, Marine Station, National Aquarium and lots of other interesting places grabbed my attention. This was a very lively place, full of character and heavily influenced by the ocean. Later that night, I went home to dream about my course.

The week that ensued was most informative and eventful. It was the introduction to being a student. There were an abundance of youngsters, but what struck me was a few matures too. Ah this isn’t so bad! I’d made my first pal at the module chat who had an interesting background and it was refreshing to not feel really old! We later joined with another and soon formed a snug little group.

We spent some time wandering around, investigating the brilliant facilities including Lab Plus and finding ourselves in awe of the goodies in the lab. I joined clubs, societies, picked up free pens, attended a fantastic talk about the local diving.It was an interesting evening. One of my highlights during introduction week was getting my very own Lab coat too!