Part two: My top five reasons for studying at Plymouth University

I continue from where I had left – Here are the remaining reasons I choose to study at the University of Plymouth. Read on...

3. Cost:   It is important to take into perspective an average amount you might be spending on university education. If you are an undergraduate student and live with your parents or guardian, it is crucial that you sit down and make a joint decision after calculating costs.

A little tip for future applicants – Remember that living expenses = tuition fee + cost of living + everyday expenditures.

As someone that studies at Plymouth, I can assure you that if you spend responsibly, the cost is drastically lesser than places like London or Manchester, for instance. Your living costs in Plymouth are going to be much lower and affordable. You can choose to stay at student halls or look for private accommodation. To help you with this, the university also sends you a link to the portal to look for university approved accommodations, if you wish to rent out a room in an individual private apartment. There is no ‘one cost’ that anybody can quote to you, as it differs from individual habits, such as the amount of times you go out or how much you indulge.

To spend responsibly is the key here, and I cannot urge the importance of doing so enough to anybody that requests for any advice.



4. Location: Plymouth has some outstanding scenic spots, such as the Hoe, the Barbican, Royal William Scott Yard and is close to Exeter and Bristol. There is much to choose from – you can go on a boat ride from the Hoe to Mount Edgecomb, visit a café at the Barbican or just sit by the Hoe and revel in its glorious sceneries.

A little tip for future applicants – One of the things you can remember is the fact that location plays as much an important role.

I’m here for an intensive one year course and choose not to go sightseeing on every given day but engage with reading and completion of assignments.

One thing Plymouth has inspired within me is the engagement with seasons, and so much to see and learn from, to go out into the world.

Another reason I specifically mention location is that most university approved accommodations are walking distance from the university, which means you wouldn’t necessarily be spending on travelling or transport. This saves you much hassle of overhead expenses.

The Hoe 

The Hoe 


5. Ranking: Who wouldn’t have a look at the university league tables before making a university their firm choice? This is especially true if you are an international student. The University of Plymouth has consistently scored highly on league tables, and boasts to be top 2% in the world.

A little tip for future applicants – Take into perspective all the pros of the university, and see how you could be able to make the optimum use of available resources.

Going to university is indeed a big decision of your life. To this, I’d just say one thing – go on and take the leap. Join the University of Plymouth. It is surely worth it and more.



Until sooner,