Part one: My top five reasons for choosing to study at Plymouth University

Before I begin: I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the regular readers of my blog. This is especially for you, since about five potential international students have until now requested me to share some practical pointers about studying at Plymouth. This blog will be divided into two posts, and I will elaborate on each reason extensively.

As you’d have gathered by now, I classify as a postgraduate mature international student at university. That’s quite a lengthy analogy, if anything. After almost a six year experience of working, I decided to study at the University of Plymouth for a number of reasons.

It is important to have certain pointers in your mind before making a firm choice of the university you’d like to attend. This will save you a lot of trouble beforehand, and also ensure you are prepared, in ways more than one, to finally get sailing onto your much coveted opportunity to gain more experience and expertise.

I made sure I had a few reasons written out on paper when I made the decision to study at the University of Plymouth finally one dusky evening. I am going to share them with you here in this blog today.

1.  Scholarship: I have been a humble awardee of the GREAT scholarship to pursue my studies here in Britain. For an international student, given currency rate exchanges and the overall cost, it is crucial that they factor in all the pros and cons, especially the tuition fee and cost of living. I was most pleased with being awarded such a prestigious scholarship, and till date, it remains my number one reason to join the University of Plymouth.

A little tip for future applicants- Begin your applications as early as possible. Peruse websites that advertise scholarships. In majority of cases, you need to first have a conditional offer at least to be able to apply for a scholarship. Also, most of the times, the scholarships are posted / advertised on university websites itself.

Beautiful - even on a rainy day.

2. The Charles Seale-Hayne Library: A close second reason of choosing to study at the University of Plymouth was the excellent facilities that the university provides, especially the Charles Seale-Hayne Library. I cannot say enough about the vast ocean of knowledge this place stores. One of my reasons of wanting to have an international degree was the fact that most countries have different books one may or may not come across in their own home country. I make sure, to broaden horizons of my own mind, to read inter-disciplinary texts. As someone who taught undergraduate students deconstruction and being someone that extensively used Stanley Fish’s ‘Is there a Text in this Class?’ it was important I read more to absorb more, and look from different perspectives.

A little tip for future applicants- Consider this: A library full of resources and up-to-date with latest books on science and technology, humanities, business, philosophy, theology, ecology and all other subjects. Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, even during Christmas and Easter. This has to be your go-to place. Additional assistance is also available as you can book study rooms and have your own study space among stacks of books.

More in my next,