On World Poetry Day

Poetry needs to be celebrated, like all other arts. Often, we are occupied in our lives to a point that we do not fill the gaps with records of our experiences, thoughts, narrations.

The arts are not only a bearable way to live life but also helps form your own self expression and ruminate on your growth. Whether it is something your mind conjures during a walk, or on the way to a lecture and just about anywhere, jot it down. I have made it a point to scribble on my mobile phone as and when the flow streams of ideas inundate.

It is something that serves as a record of what your day was like; if you sit with it years later. You can also see how your opinions might have changed. If it is a descriptive poem, you can have memory expanses of how the day looked like, what point in time you wrote the verse. It does not have to be conventional. It does not have to rhyme, if you so prefer. The only important idea is to write. Not only is it a therapeutic exercise in itself, but fruitful and helps broaden your own thought processes and keep the creative impulse.

On the occasion of World Poetry Day, I bring to you twenty quotes from my favorite poets, in no particular order.

Pen a poem today.

Until sooner,