Once you are here- for mature postgraduate students.

There are things you wish somebody tells you before the start of university, but there aren’t such opportunities always, are there? I will attempt to give a few basic pointers.

Being a postgraduate, mature student, you might sometimes be a little out of the group of people you meet at university. Having worked for almost 8 years before beginning university again, it felt good to be back into academia – not I was ever away from it. I had been tutoring undergraduate students in the capacity of a lecturer before I got here. A few handy tips to carry –

  • Take your time to settle: There is no pressure to settle in the minute you are here. Different people must have ways to unwind, for instance, some may prefer a quiet dinner with friends while a few might prefer to go out. I have made some friends for life at the university, and it took time. With those friends, the comfort level settled in after a couple of meetings. I suggest you let time slowly pass and you’d soon find a cohort of your own, of like-minded folks.
  • Soak in the experience: You get to be a part of this journey and experience only once in life. Sure – this path may take you elsewhere in the future, but the journey is what matters. Make the most of the place you are in. Plymouth is full of rich flora and fauna and quaint landscapes – get to know the place.
  • Engage in an introductory tutorial with your personal tutor: While every department has its own induction week, please make sure you strike a chord with your personal tutor early on. You do not have to go on to an endless tale, but a little context of where you are from and what you could expect from the course will help.
  • Take care: Remain safe, at all times, and remember to take care of yourself. After all, you need to be physically and mentally fit to be able to enjoy the experience.

‘Nuff said.

I am sure this will be a good starting point – please feel free to reach out to the admissions team (international or otherwise) at the university. They are continuously working to make this journey rewarding for you. I know – I’ve had firsthand experience of their able assistance.

I am also incorporating some enthralling locales from around Plymouth – the trees are bare but a delight to watch. I adore that I live in a place that has seasons. It has a whole metaphoric meaning to it altogether, but I’ll leave that tale for another day. All the best for your applications, and cheers to new journeys.

Until sooner,