Applying to University

Good Tidings, readers.

It is the applications season, especially for international students that might have to begin thinking about sending in an application soon due to various factors like obtaining a visa, arranging finances and so forth. Today, I’m going to write about the process involving an application to the university and some experiences of my journey. This will be a blog in parts, so you have the lowdown of the whole progression from somebody who has been on the other end not so far ago.

As you might be aware, I am a postgraduate international student, pursuing my second degree in literature (tell me about it – my love for the subject is unfettered). For me, there were a plethora of things I had to keep in mind before sending in an application. The process began sooner rather than later! I will proceed to give you some quick pointers for things to think about before making an application to university.

  • University identity: Remember you are unique, as is everybody else. One size does not necessarily fit all. University is an experience that stays with you all along, for life. You want to make sure that the place you select for study reflects a part of the aesthetics of where you come from. Especially for all the international applicants, staying in an unknown place demands for some research to be done beforehand. I suggest everybody go through the staff specialism in your department on the university website and see if they resonate with your areas of research interest.
  • Location: Another thing to factor in will be the location. Plymouth being closer to the sea has a fairly moderate temperature as opposed to certain regions in the north. Check for the highest/lowest recorded temperatures and the usual climate. That way, you can come well packed for your initial days, before you settle in completely.
  • Fee and Scholarship/bursaries: Does the university of your choice offer any funding? I am a humble recipient of the GREAT scholarship, and the reason I’m at the University of Plymouth, apart from its distinctive features like sustainability and the support of green enterprise is the funding aspect.
  • Opportunities: Does the place of study give you an opportunity to go through your own path and develop further opportunities? Look at the part-time jobs options, internship/placement year options as well if it applies to you.

Now that this hopefully paves a way for you to think further about postgraduate study, I’ll share some beautiful photographs of the city in winter. The silhouettes of trees are a soliloquy in itself – for my friends around Plymouth, it is well worth to go on long walks. The natural gray and blue hues are enchantment enough in themselves.

Until sooner,