On assignments: A Personal Narrative

It is the time of the year where it seems like all deadlines are approaching steadfast, at once. At such a time, it is caffeine and the warmth of the library or your own abode that offers solace. I’m certain I get many ‘I agree(s)’ here. 


As a student of literature, pursuing a rather intensive course, I push the self to ‘newer ways of seeing’. Far from romanticizing with the discipline, I admire looking at everything ‘against the grain’. The broad spectrum of humanities offers much opportunity to engage with such paradigms, if you are open to newer possibilities.

Truth be told, I have always felt the need to nudge a re-imagining of the world we live in through different visions than the monochrome. For my newest assignment, a conference presentation on November 22, I have chosen to reexamine Plath from a newer paradigm: that of her illustrations. A close confidant, that has been my friend for nearly since the time I was in kindergarten was the subconscious reason for me to engage with an alternate form of ‘seeing’ and examining literary works and the life of an artist. 

It is the realm of undermining everything that people think you must do versus your own thoughts. I’m certain university life teaches you to be an individual above everything else, a solitary researcher – yet not detached from the world around you.

Sylvia Plath, often looked at as a dark, confessional poet is being reengaged with, through my archival finding of her illustrations. The style of her drawings is subtle, simple and understated. There is a vibrancy that seeps through her dynamic and passionate endeavor to put the best of her vision on paper.

Intriguingly, I have also realized how different art forms straddle and meet one another, at various junctures. For any admirers of Plath reading this entry, the immediacy and intimate soliloquy her pen-and-ink drawings offer is incomparable to anything else. With every artist, there has been much ink spilled on the media they use, the way experience translates into every figment of their works.


Let’s face it: the reason for engaging with an assignment is not only earning a certain mark, but also learning something new. With the large monde we all inhabit, there is so much to learn and employ throughout our lives.

I leave y’all with one question: think out loud for yourselves, talk to a friend, discuss this with a patient classmate, et cetera. I’d be glad if I have stirred a ripple of thought to run into deeper, more beautiful waves. When was the last time you tried seeing something in a newer light? We are all made of our own ideological lens, and it will be fulfilling to rethink differently from time to time.

Reimagining is the keyword.

With this interlude,