Beat the blues: Some things to get you by…

The weather is getting colder outside and for all those away from home, there can be ways of battling these discrepancies. I would suggest starting by paying attention to the self amid project deadlines and other commitments. I have realised that engaging with things you like to do, as small or big they may be, is one way of being contented.

For some people, something as small as taking a walk, reading a book, going on a long journey offers pleasure. I would like to reiterate the importance of finding the one thing that can instantly boost your temper immediately.

Plymouth is a beautiful place, with a rich variety of flora and fauna to experience. The sunsets are lovely each day, and with autumn around the corner, burgeoning into all its glory, there are intriguing sights to behold every day.

One such activity that gives me much pleasure and is therapeutic is cooking. The joy of making food for other people and nourishing them means so much to me. It is also a great way of bonding and making friends. I have realized that this kind deed goes a long way. As diverse and multicultural as Plymouth is, you would make an array of friends from all over the world. A few weeks back, I baked an apple pie with a bunch of Erasmus students.

Just the other day, I made some Indian food for a group dinner. It was an immediate way of getting to know people closely, in a non-academic setting. It is the sheer pleasure of sharing that leads to intermingling and making friends.

You do not have to go out of your way or make something elaborate, but I have noticed that the virtue of empathy and kindness are rare and people appreciate them. Having a close cohort of members in my friendship circle and adding more along the way is a sure trick to get past dreary days.

 I have made many a friend through this exercise and also learnt more about different cultures and their eating habits. It is intriguing to learn more about how the world we are inhabitants comes to be such a wonderful place to co-exist. We can admire each other for the individualities we bring along, and the essences as well.

The whole of Drake’s Circus is lit up and comes alive against the backdrop of the dramatic oncoming winter sky. Have y’all had a closer look? With the undergraduate and postgraduate open days just gone by, I urge all of you potential applicants to make the right decision with choosing to study at the University of Plymouth.

There is a lot the place offers – everything that seeps through in its vibrancy.

In the meanwhile, here are some tips from some of my co-bloggers and I, for all you potential applicants. I hope you find this of use for your Personal Statements in your UCAS application.

Until my next,