๐Ÿ“š My Revision Tips ๐Ÿ“š

These are my tips for anyone revising for upcoming exams! Whilst nobodyโ€™s prefect and revision is not easy, I have found that following these tips have helped me and I hope they can encourage you too!

o   Start fairly early โ€“ I know itโ€™s typical for teachers to tell you this, but honestly it is worth doing some work before the more intense revision begins so that your mind isnโ€™t cramming in all the information at once.

o   Go over things more than once โ€“ Going over your notes for a second time can mean that the information is more likely to stay in your memory for a longer period.


o   Use a whiteboard! โ€“ I know it may sound simple and so unnecessary but honestly, using a whiteboard when memorising definitions, and in my case math questions, is so helpful!

o   Use flashcards โ€“ I know everyone uses these to revise but if your aim is to memorise small facts or definitions, flashcards are the way to go!


o   Make a timetable - Especially if you have more than one exam, I would recommend making a timetable. By that I donโ€™t mean a strict 9-5 routine, but more of a plan of what you are going to try to achieve every day.

o   Give yourself breaks โ€“ Breaks are a definite must. Every so often during revision, you should definitely take a snack break or relax your legs for a while. Even taking a small walk around the area can be helpful. Refresh your mind and then go back to the revision if you havenโ€™t completed your aims yet. However, I do advise you try not to go on any social media during this time because thatโ€™s the ultimate distraction!


o   Have snacks ready โ€“ In order to prevent prolonged breaks, prepare your snacks beforehand. This is also a great motivation technique!

Tips for exam season not to do with revising

o   Enjoy time with friends and family โ€“ Donโ€™t forget about the world around you. Getting lost in a load of work is the worst thing for your mind so make sure you live your life too!

o   Get enough sleep โ€“ This is extremely important for both your physical and mental attitude towards revising, as well as your performance in exams. From my experience, getting the right amount of sleep is key to feeling good about a test.

o   Donโ€™t panic โ€“ It may sound clichรฉ to say, but the best advice I could give someone and could probably use myself more is to relax and be confident in yourself and your abilities.

Good Luck!