🌟 Holiday Celebrations and Preparing for Exams! 🌟

As soon as my last lecture was over, I was so ready to take the longest nap of my life. The first term of University was an exhausting one to say the least, but also an extremely important one. My goal was to settle in comfortably and take as many opportunities that came my way. I’d like to think I achieved this goal and I believe this will help me throughout the year. I’ve enjoyed my experience so far and I am now far more comfortable than I was at the beginning of the term. Being able to make good friends and experience everything together has been extremely helpful!


I’m sure every student can agree that the holidays were needed. A chance to unwind from the last 3 months and enjoy spending time with family and friends was much appreciated. My holiday began with birthday celebrations for my sister which was great opportunity to spend time with family. Having great food and sharing laughs with the people around me was the main aim for the holidays and I’d say I achieved it!


A great opportunity from the time off was to catch up with friends who have moved elsewhere for university. It was fun getting to share experiences with the people I’ve known for so long and reminiscing on all the great memories together. The holiday was really useful in allowing myself to enjoy a break and to relax from all the pressures of university. 


Despite the break being a great chance for me to unwind from the past term of university, it was also the build-up to my first ever university exams. So, whilst relaxing was an important part of the holidays, I also knew the importance of preparing for the test and meeting the deadlines. Along with this came essay deadlines that were important to meet and so the holidays were not all fun and games. Although I’m sure no one appreciates work over the holidays, I knew the significance of being productive and therefore, made sure to put the effort in whilst still having a break.


This holiday was most definitely needed and wanted, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I got to spend with my friends and family. Now it’s time to bring on the next term!