๐ŸŽ’ Preparing for my First Year at University ๐ŸŽ’

Since school is over, University is the next big milestone in my life. Finishing this last chapter was full of various emotions; excitement, fear and even a bit of melancholy believe it or not! For me, and for a lot my friends, the last couple of months have been some of the most stressful and important times of our lives so far. So the main objective for this summer was to relax and enjoy ourselves to the fullest! Our school leavers party was special as it highlighted the moment of freedom that everyone felt together having all been in the same position. For some, the evening would be the last time we would see each other, giving even more reason to have the most fun possible and be proud of how far weโ€™ve all come. The celebrations were wonderful; full of joy and happiness!

night out.jpg

Spending time with friends is always important, especially at this point of our lives. I think everyone is trying to make the most of the time we have with each other. Going to the beach, having a barbecue and late evening chats about nothing and everything are some of my favourite things to do!


Learning from the experiences of friends and family members who have been to uni has shown me that itโ€™s not all going to be plain-sailing, and taking care of yourself both mentally and physically will come hand in hand with the work you complete. Preparing for university is not just about being able to meet all the deadlines and being ahead of all of your work, but also about taking the time to look after yourself.

This summer I have allowed myself to get back into the things that I was kind of restricted of during the exam season. Having some โ€˜me timeโ€™ has always been important, so being able to read some books has been a lifesaver! As well as this, running and taking long walks have always been hobbies of mine and I have been having fun exploring more locations in the South West!


Despite all of the time Iโ€™ve had to relax and re-introduce myself to things I enjoy, to me, it is important to plan some things ahead and so university is always on my mind. I think one of the biggest changes which occur from going from school to uni is the level of independence. Personally, Iโ€™ve been able to challenge my independence by learning to drive, applying for jobs and helping my dad with his business. Understanding the importance of relying on yourself more than relying on others is becoming more apparent and Iโ€™m sure university will show me this too!

You can never โ€˜prepareโ€™ for university entirely because everyone has different experiences; until youโ€™re in the situation, you wonโ€™t fully understand the changes youโ€™ll undergo. As someone who hates change and loves to plan ahead, this can be a bit of struggle, but learning to accept the importance of the next few years of my life makes me more excited than nervous for whatโ€™s to come. Bring it on!