💻 My University Application Process 💻

So, year 13 comes around and suddenly your life plans need to be decided.

Okay, so it’s not that serious but it’s still probably the biggest decision I’ve had to make so far. My main advice would be to not panic, and I know how cliché that sounds but honestly as long as you want to go to university, you will be able to get there.


My application process began in October, but it was a gradual process. I gave myself time to fully understand what I was about to do and made sure that the course I was choosing was the best for me. Choosing Economics didn’t come naturally because I’d never actually done it before. But when I realised how it would suit my abilities and interests I was sure it was the one for me.


I remember trying to understand what the point of a personal statement was. For me, planning it was the most important part – knowing what to write and how to convince the person reading it to choose you was the most important part. As long as you feel passionate about the subject and have the evidence to support that then the words should come naturally. Have faith in yourself and use the guidance around you to write the most convincing statement you can.


As well as choosing the right course, choosing the best university for you is just as important. My five choices were Plymouth, Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter and Sussex. These choices came from me researching each university and understanding what the course had to offer. I’d already had experiences at Plymouth and Exeter through school programmes, so these had always attracted me. I was fortunate to receive offers from all the universities as well as two unconditional offers! This meant that my application process was fairly uncomplicated despite being terrified throughout!


I knew that when I’d received an unconditional offer from Plymouth, I was going to choose it as my first option. Despite being in a comfortable position, I still tried my hardest with my A Levels and with my friends around me in the same position, we all got through the stressful period.


University’s great and despite the multiple deadlines and lack of sleep, I know it was the right choice for me. My advice to anyone applying is to be sure of the course you are choosing to study and try to visit the universities you’re interested in. Good luck!