🌊 Why I Chose to Stay in Plymouth 🌊

As someone who’s lived in Plymouth my entire life, I’d say I know the city fairly well. Personally, Plymouth has a good balance of the things I’d want in an area. With the sea on one side and the countryside on the other, as well as the city in the centre, the location of Plymouth was a great asset to the University. One of my favourite places to go to is the Hoe. It’s the perfect place to go to relax and have some ice-cream with family and friends! In general, I would say that Plymouth has many aesthetically pleasing places to see, including Mount Edgcumbe and Saltram. I’d definitely recommend visiting these locations!


Despite this, probably the most important aspect when looking at universities was the course and the opportunities it has to offer. For me, Plymouth was high on that list as the content of the Economics course and the elective modules seemed really interesting. Prior to starting university, I had already experienced what teaching and learning was like through the maths work experience and masterclasses I had during secondary school, so this definitely influenced my decision. As well as this, I really liked the fact that the university provided the chance to choose a placement year/year abroad whilst you are on the degree, compared to many universities which require you to decide before you choose your course. Having a detailed insight on what the university had to offer was very important to me and encouraged me to choose the university.


Of course, perhaps the best part about staying in the city I’ve grown up in is knowing the place inside out and having my friends and family with me along the journey. University is a scary experience, but for me it was nowhere near as scary as it would have been if I had chosen to move across the country. I’m grateful to have them around me whilst I’m still learning who I am. Just the other day, we all went on a family trip to Crealy, albeit mainly for my younger siblings, but I definitely enjoyed the day too!


Believe it or not, the weather in Plymouth is one of my favourite things! Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons and being able to get cosy and just enjoy the warmth of being inside earlier is something that I don’t think I’ll ever complain about!


The city’s great and I’ve always known that, but my short experience at the university so far is proving that the University is just as good!