✍️ My Life at University So Far ✍️

The first week of University for me consisted of Freshers and Induction, and so meeting new people and preparing for my course is what I focused on. As an ambivert, or perhaps even an introvert, making new friends was neither easy nor difficult, despite my apprehension beforehand. What I had forgot was that everyone was is the same position, so everyone was doing their best to fit in and get along with each other. The welcome party on the Hoe for the business students was a great opportunity to introduce the subject and the leaders to the students. Despite my hesitation, the night was fun, full of entertainment and great music!


Despite all the fun, the seriousness of University was also introduced during the first week. I was introduced to my first module and had found out that the first assignment is made up of 40% presentation. Whilst this was not my preferred method of being assessed, I understood why an Economics course would require so much speaking. The revelation had not only encouraged me to be more confident in myself but also to start working hard. So far, the content of my course has been interesting and enjoyable to learn so I look forward to continuing doing so.


One thing I reminded myself before starting university was to remember to take time off to de-stress and relax. Making time to just ‘sit-back’ and reflect on life is something that I value so that I don’t get lost in my own thoughts. The best people to do this with are those who understand you and value the time with you. Luckily for me, I have some of those around me and so, despite all the chaos of these weeks, I’ve been able to reflect on everything that’s been happening and be content in the moment.

IMG_1579 (1).PNG

During the whole whirlwind of starting university, I have already learnt so much. Through meeting new people from all over the world and gaining independence, I feel as though I am becoming more comfortable in myself. Everything feels like it’s been a mad rush of trying to please people and trying to stay on the top of all the work. But when I break down everything that’s happened so far, I’m certain University was the right choice for me. Although time seems to be ticking away, it’s crazy to think that everyday I’m learning something new, whether that’s to do with Economics or whether it’s simply something to with everyday life.


This new beginning has been fun for me. Whilst I wasn’t expecting this, I don’t think you know what it’s really like until you get here and become a student. Meeting new people and helping them explore the city I’ve lived in for 18 years has been great!

University was certainly a good choice for me.