🀹 Juggling Deadlines with Life

One of the biggest struggles of university is knowing how to juggle your deadlines with the rest of your life. Tons of uni students are members of sports clubs, societies, committees, and volunteering - not to mention, a lot of us work part time in order to afford the extras, like going out and socializing. So, how do we juggle it all with one of the very top priorities – deadlines?

Here’s how I try to do it:

Plan Out Your Day

+      Try and plan out your day, allowing time for everything you need to do and enjoy to do. I personally like to do it in my head, else I feel like a robot filling out some weird agenda. However, it’s good to even have a mental plan of the day so that you can negotiate which activity goes where. I always enjoy going to lectures/seminars, having something to eat and then getting some work done, leaving the evening free for relaxing. Sometimes it doesn’t always end up that way though, and I spend the evening doing work – as long as you fit it all in, timing is irrelevant!

Knowing Your Environment

+      Sometimes the hardest challenge in getting work done is trying to do it in a place that’s just not right for studying. If the library makes you anxious, it may be beneficial to book a study room or work at home so that you can focus on work, rather than the people around you. I know that the library makes me super nervous, so working at my desk is the best place for me!

Getting The Balance Right

+      Balance is one of the hardest things to achieve at uni – I know people who either work way too hard all the time, and people on the flip side who never stop partying. The idea is to get the balance right – if you have three deadlines all for a week’s time, perhaps heading to Switch isn’t the best idea. On the flip side, if you’ve spent all day working at the library, treat yourself to a pint/coffee/break with a friend!