🎁 Christmas Food Market

The build up to Christmas is always an exciting time, and what better way to spend the festive period than traipsing around the Christmas Market? Plymouth has a whole bounty of Christmas food stalls on offer to shoppers, in and around Drake Circus for their shopping filled days, and I just had to check them out. I personally am a big fan of food stalls, so I have been getting very much stuck in!

First of all, you have the German food stand, which has a selection of delectable sausages to tuck into. This still offers a whole range of different bratwursts to enjoy in hot dog form, and it certainly makes for a good lunch. My top tip is to make sure they cook the onions properly, though, as they can be a bit on the crunchy side!

Of course, everyone needs that post meal sweet treat, and my word is there a lot on offer.  Grab yourself a crΓͺpe with Nutella, bananas, cream, sugar and lemon, or maple syrup and nuts; alternatively, have some freshly made waffles drenched in Nutella. If that doesn’t take your fancy, then there’s a chocolate fountain ready and waiting to be drizzled over fresh fruit and marshmallows. Honestly, they all look amazing.

My favourite sweet treat comes from the fresh doughnut stand; these are sincerely heavenly and come with a variety of toppings. I love them freshly cooked, coated in sugar and drizzled with Nutella (can you tell I like Nutella?), and being priced at Β£4 for 4, they can take my money and run with it. Light, fluffy and sweet, these will go down a treat.

The stall-to-end-all-stalls, however, has to be the Yorkshire Pudding Van! Whether you fancy a β€˜Dirty Fries Box’, of cheesy chips with a choice of meat (roast pork, barbecue pork, or roast turkey), or a grab-it-and-go baguette, this van has the meal for you. Their show stopper is the Christmas Turkey wrap; turkey, vegetables, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy all wrapped up and hugged tight by a Yorkshire pudding wrap! For Β£6, it’s a lunch you’ll never forget. Plus, it’s Christmas – so why not? Give it a try!