🍚 Student Cooking

Living as a student can be a difficult task at times – making your pennies stretch can be a mammoth chore which, let’s face it, rarely accounts for periods of ‘treat yourself’. Don’t worry, however, as it is possible to make some incredible food on a shoestring budget, and I’m here to share my favourite recipe for chilli!

The first thing I do is put some oil in a pan and heat it up nice and hot. I then add some 7% fat turkey mince and brown it. Of course, you can easily substitute in your preferred mince, or make this dish vegetarian by substituting the turkey mince with Quorn mince – it’ll work just as well. Personally, I love the taste and texture of turkey mince, so that's the one I've opted for – plus, it's so cheap at Aldi!

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 19.12.57.png

Whilst the mince is browning, I chop up an onion, crying as I do it. Is it the onion, or is it the dissertation I’m doing? Who knows. Anyway, once the mince has browned, I quickly fry the onions in a separate pan and mix it all in when it's nicely cooked. 

Aldi do a fantastic jar of chilli mix, which I completely prefer over the Old El Paso powder kits. The mix already has some kidney beans in it, but you are free to add in a tin of kidney beans for a ridiculously small price and have your chilli pack an even healthier punch. Pour in the jar of chilli mix and stir it in, making sure your mince and onions are well stirred in. Next, add in any tin of baked beans – not only does this contribute to your five a day, but it means that weaklings who can’t handle the heat (like myself) are soothed by the tomato juice. This addition not only adds in some fantastic flavor and texture, but it also means that you will have a TON of Chilli to pass round with friends and family, or to store for another evening. Cooking in quantity is cheaper, and it means that you can have a meal ready for you at home after a long day at uni.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 19.13.06.png

Finally, leave this well mixed chilli to simmer on the hob for 15 minutes. In the meantime, put the rice in a pan of boiling water and allow it to cook alongside the chilli. Once it’s cooked, drain the rice, take the chilli off the hob and serve! Yum!