😋 My Favourite Places to Eat in Plymouth

As a major food enthusiast, I cannot get enough of the many local ‘eateries’ Plymouth has to offer – if you’re inclined to call them that! Honestly I could wolf down most things, being on certain medications that increase my appetite, so I’m always frequenting new places when my budget allows me.

My top place to eat definitely has to be YO! Sushi in Drake Circus. On Blue Mondays, you can select from over 40 dishes at just £2.80 a piece. This is incredible for the quality of dishes you receive! However, my boyfriend and I always like to joke about having ‘a light snack’ here, as it turns out to be incredibly difficult to have a ‘light snack’ in a place which literally tempts you with endless dishes on a conveyer belt. It’s extremely easy to spend £30-£40 between two people here, so make sure to keep an eye on the stack of blue dishes you accumulate. Regardless, it’s a truly delicious place to eat, and it constantly offers a really high standard of customer service. The chefs and servers are so lovely!

Recently I visited The Chancel, situated by the Plymouth Courts, and it was a delight. They served an incredible tapas menu (3 dishes for £13.50) with truly delectable foods served in really great portion sizes. I had chorizo in honey, sautéed mushrooms and pork belly, and they all blew my mind! Now, having lived in Spain for 3 months, I’m always scared to try tapas in England, but The Chancel definitely didn’t disappoint – and again, the service was really great.

If you are on more of a budget, I cannot recommend our campus based cafés enough! The Writing Café on Level 4 in Babbage serves some great sweet treats and coffees to match. I’m also a big fan of the café on the top floor of Roland Levinsky; their pastries are to die for. Seriously, treat yourself to a sausage roll from Roland Levinsky’s café and you will know what I’m talking about.

Finally, I have to speak highly of Wildwood, situated both on Royal Parade and in Royal William Yard. They always serve such incredible food at really reasonable prices, making it an ideal location for a birthday celebration or a date. They serve all manner of things there, meaning that there really is something for everyone!