Open Days


My Open Day at Plymouth University was incredibly crucial for me; well, my third one was!

I was secondary school educated in Plymouth from the middle of year 9 up, which meant that I attended the Open Days in Year 9, Year 10/11, and in Sixth Form too! I actually had a complete crisis in the summer after my Year 13 exams, as I'd decided that studying Chemistry in Cardiff would not be for me; instead, I wanted to stay in Plymouth to study English Literature. Therefore, going to the Open Day in the summer and talking to the head of department meant that I could explain my situation, give an academic history, and also discuss my interests. This would lead to my UCAS Application changing from a confirmed conditional offer of Chemistry from Cardiff University, to a confirmed conditional offer of English Literature from Plymouth University. A bold move, but one I've not once regretted.


Here are my tips on how to make the most of your Open Day with Plymouth University!

1.       Talk to your Head of Department

For me, talking to my head of department meant that I understood what they were looking for in a student, and what they could provide to me as a prospective student. I found that talking with the head inspired me wholeheartedly; hearing someone talk so passionately about a subject I was also passionate about was both inspiring and refreshing.

2.       Free Food!

With your Open Day pack, you'll be entitled to free hot drinks and food around campus. Make sure you register and pop on your name badge and get that free food. As a student, you'll kick yourself for ever missing out.

3.       Wave Machine

Even if your subject of interest has nothing to do with Marine Technology, Composites, Navigation or anything of that calibre, the wave machine is something we're pretty proud of here at Plymouth Uni. It's state of the art, and pretty therapeutic too.


4.       Visit The Branches

A lot of degree subjects will have a variety of branches; for example, my subject, English Literature BA(Hons) has minors in French, Spanish, Publishing, Creative Writing, History, and so on. Make sure you talk to these people, as you may actually find it really insightful to see any minors you may be interested in. I know that looking back, I wish I'd considered pairing my degree with a language or publishing. But I'm still happy nevertheless!

5.       Talk to Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are your insight into life at university; they are here to give you an honest version of what you'll find here at the university, what the workload is like, and what kind of sports and societies you can be a part of. They are your most credible source, and they're here to share their passions and be honest with you. Talk to them – they don't bite!

6.       Visit The City!

If you're considering studying at Plymouth University, then it's only natural you should explore the beautiful city and all of its surroundings. Check out the local restaurants, theatres, cinemas, bars, clubs, beaches, and geographical places of interest, such as The Hoe and Dartmoor. These will be at your very fingertips once you study here, so why not take a look and see what could be in store?