First Term Nerves

I actually made a mistake when I started at university; because I already knew people here and had made friends with people in my accommodation, I'd assumed that I didn't need to attend any of the induction week activities. Why bother making new friends, when I'm perfectly settled into my comfort zone? 

This was a moronic decision, but one I made because I was very much feeling like a tiny fish in an enormous ocean. Missing out on the majority of my Induction Week activities meant that when it came to attending lectures for real, I was alone. Good one Seren, you smashed it.


The matter of the fact is that you'll want friends in all aspects of your university experience; if you've got the accommodation and society/sports club section locked down, that's great! But it's going to make your experience so much more enjoyable if you have some friendly faces to get to know on your course as well.


But like everything in life, things always get better. I was luckily able to overcome first term nerves by having the fate of receiving a lot of groupwork. English Literature students were given an introductory module, which involved everyone splitting off into groups and getting to know each other. I still remember my first group distinctly; we all made friends super quickly and bonded over the work we were set, which had to be completed both inside and outside of university.


The way I worked through the nerves was to contribute as much as possible; after all, you don't want to be the person to drag the team down. It was always my method to cope with my nerves by asking people about themselves - after all, when meeting new people it's a guaranteed way to get them to talk! If you want to establish a conversation, maybe ask them what freshers events they've been to, if they're enjoying halls, etc. You never know, you may be living in the same residence!


Then again, why not try to make a study / social group? Your first term will undoubtedly be very alcohol oriented, but you'll still find that people are keen to get together to cover some material or get some help, especially if you're being given group work. Suggesting a study get together followed by drinks at the pub will go down really well. Or if in doubt, just go for the drinks at the pub.

The best tip I could give you is to relax. Everyone is in the same boat – super nervous and super excited to get stuck into their course. Relax, and the rest will come naturally!