Why Plymouth?

Living in Plymouth since the age of 13, a lot of my school friends were astounded by my choice to remain in the city for the course of university. Whilst everyone was itching to leave, I was perfectly happy where I was; after all, I hadn’t lived here for a full 18 years. At this point, I’d only lived in the city for 5 years, so things were still relatively new to me – and hello, we are RIGHT BY THE SEA? Why would I ever want to leave!? Of course, there are a few other seaside destinations, but none quite like Britain’s Ocean City. Not to mention, my experience of Plymouth would be entirely recreated – different from my school days, I’d be old enough to go out drinking and experience the city in a whole new frame of mind!


When deciding between Falmouth and Plymouth in the late summer, I chose Plymouth, as the course I’d be enrolled on would be perfect for me. Studying English Literature BA (Hons), I’d be enveloped in a world of 18th Century literature; something I’d always really enjoyed and thrived at in school. When I went to the Open Day, my course leader was enthusiastic, passionate and welcoming. Not to mention, I was enticed by the regular opportunities for trips, most notably to Bath, Stratford Upon Avon and Paris, all expenses paid!

Now that I’ve been a Plymouth University student for over 18 months, I can honestly and happily say that coming here was the right choice for me. My seaside choice was perfect; after all, I’ve become quite the (averagely bad) sailor, if I do say so myself! I’ve also had the amazing advantage of knowing my way around and knowing the best places to eat and drink.

It would be a discredit to the university if I didn’t mention the amazing opportunities I’ve been given; opportunities that I’d never have if I didn’t choose this university. Highlights have been welcoming The Transat Race to Plymouth; marshaling the boats into their berths, having a VIP tour of world-renowned racing yachts, and even interviewing the prestigious Jersey born sailor, Phil Sharp. I’ve blossomed as a writer by writing for several Plymouth based magazines (Made in Plymouth, Tribe), and even by creating my own sailing magazine, Voile. Not to mention, I now edit two columns for SU:Media, and have had two committee positions in support of Plymouth University’s student lead literary journal, INK. 

Now, to answer the question – why Plymouth? Plymouth will give you back what you put in – if you have ambition, courage, get up and go, then this university will reward you by showing you so many ways to develop this drive, thus helping you to grow as a person. Not to mention, you will have all year round events provided to you by the SU which will keep you occupied, and a stunning, glittering ocean city to wander to your hearts content.

Until next time,