🎨 Making Time for Your Hobbies at University 🎨

Being at university isn’t all about studying. It is really important to maintain a work life balance and set time aside for your hobbies.

I work in a scientific discipline, but my passion really does lie with crafting and textiles. During my first couple of years of university it fell by the wayside as studying and social life took over, but more recently I have found solace in alone time to get stuck into some sewing. Whatever your hobby is, don’t let it go!

Perhaps you can find a way to combine your studies and your hobbies. For me I love to make bags, laptop bags, pencil cases - anything like that. Then, when I’m working, I can appreciate my little creations.

I have recently signed up to take part in a soap box science event which will be held in Plymouth city centre this September 2018. I’m am really excited to be taking part in this event which merges scientists and artists together to promote STEM subjects. The perfect combination for me!

3D printed barnacles – merging my creative and scientific sides.

3D printed barnacles – merging my creative and scientific sides.


Plymouth is the perfect place for artistic inspiration; situated between the moors and the sea, every element of nature is at your fingertips. If you’re more of an urban artist, we have plenty of that too in Plymouth’s unusual mix of architecture!

Some artistic inspiration from Plymouth’s coastline.

Some artistic inspiration from Plymouth’s coastline.


You can almost guarantee that the university has a society to support your hobby and provide some socialisation. Crafting can be quite a lonely hobby. I joined the ‘Knit Fast Die Warm’ society for a short time in my third year. They hold a weekly get together for crafting in the evenings and sometimes even put on a film at the same time. As well as this they do some great work for local charities with knit–a–thons, and crochet get togethers to craft poppies for the Poppy Appeal. They are a great society to be involved with. If the Students' Union don’t currently have a society to encompass your hobby, you can apply to start one with a group of other interested participants.

University is also the perfect time to start new hobbies. Don’t be afraid to join a society that you are less familiar with. I joined the Sailing and Yachting society despite having hardly any experience in sailing, yet I was still welcomed with open arms. Others were quick to impart their invaluable knowledge.

Look out for stores that offer a student discount – Hobby Craft is my place and I love that I get an extra 10% off my purchases. An NUS card is definitely worth investing in. Then you can indulge in your favourite hobbies guilt free – or at least with a little less guilt.