Ropa's pre-festival blog

Most of my actions in life are fuelled by paranoia. Sometimes that’s a good thing, just the other day I noticed a drain pipe outside my house had a lot water coming out of it. Everyone else thought that was a normal thing for a drain pipe to do so they left the house. However, my mind was already set in a sprint. Why is this happening now? Why had it never happened before? Where was the water coming from? All the taps around the house were closed.  I stayed home after convincing myself that it was possible that the house might flood. Surely enough, the house flooded.  

I take this paranoid disposition with me in my approach to packing. I’m always paranoid about not having something that I need. I suppose this feeling and I are well acquainted. I always need money and I never have it. But when it comes to packing I make sure I have everything that I could possibly need. So here’s how to pack for the Port Eliot festival when you’re paranoid.

The Basics

  • Struggle to decide whether you’re going to use a three person tent or an eight person tent; even though it’s just going to be you and one other friend, who’s the size of a peanut.
  • Do extensive research on which sleeping bags are more comfortable. As a result, get plagued by indecisiveness, then get anxious about the fact that you haven’t purchased a sleeping bag yet.
  • Buy a new pair of wellies because your current pair are quite fashionable and you wouldn’t want to ruin them. Then end up bringing both anyway. Just in case something happens to the first.
  • Bring a rain coat, a waterproof sheet for the top of the tent, another one for the base of the tent and then another one — just in case someone steals the one at the top of the tent or it blows away— though it’s more likely that it will just blow away.
  • Bring wet wipes— anything between one to six packs— four is a good compromise. Don’t forget the following essentials: deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shower gel, lotions and towel… Towels, bright four just in case, two big ones and two little ones. If it rains you’ll want a dry towel.


  • You’ll feel boring if you don’t get creative. Not to mention you’ll miss out on some good Instagram content.
  • Bring glitter with you. About a litre of liquid glitter so you know you won’t run out.
  • Bring skirts, tops jeans, leggings and all of your colourful tops (you never know what you’re gonna be in the mood for). Pack your dresses, hats and nail polishes. Maybe two of each? Who doesn’t like having choice?
  • Bring a chair, you never know when you’ll want to sit.
  • Bring waterproof make up and normal make up. Don’t forget skin care…. YES SKIN CARE! All that glitter will likely make your skin break out. Bring witch hazel as a toner and sweet almond oil to prevent break outs. Getting sweaty with festival make up on will not be kind to your skin.


  • Bring a torch. Maybe throw in some extra batteries. And some fairy lights…you know…for the aesthetic. Don’t forgot your coat, hoodie, cardigan and bomber jacket. Just in case.
  • Oh! And bring a swim suit too. Doesn’t matter if you can’t swim. Do it just in case.

Ropa Mugazda, 2nd year BA (Hons) English student.