Shauna's pre-festival blog

Hello, I’m Shauna, a second year English student who’s about to embark on the most exciting summer challenge and I have one question for you… What do you get when you combine a classic mini, two English students/budding journalists who enjoy their own space, and a festival? The answer is of course, utter panic. At the top of the list for fellow festival journalist Ropa and I is how big of a tent we can actually fit inside my teenie tiny car along with all of the other festival essentials; wellies, wet wipes, pants, food… but mainly glitter.

In the running is an adorable, if slightly compact two-man and a luxurious yet worryingly big for my car eight-man. Please don’t judge us, we’re already well aware we may be too basic for this.  We’re currently at a standstill, the last suggestion from Ropa being that we erect the tents in the park before we go and see which one we feel most comfortable in.

All tent drama aside though, I am ridiculously excited about this opportunity. A small group of us will be attempting to publish a professional daily newspaper at the Port Eliot Festival. We had a ‘mock up’ day a few weeks ago, during which we all tried our hands at producing high quality work within in certain time frame and I don’t want to blow our own trumpets, but I think we all did a really good job.

MG Test session LOW RES-22.jpg

I for one have proudly paraded my copy of the print we produced to an array of friends and family. Whilst the ‘mock up’ was focused on creating pieces for a hand out for new students, it really got me thinking about the ways in which I want to portray my experiences of the festival and after browsing the festival line up properly, it’s fair to say I’m like a kid in a candy shop – wide eyed and absolutely buzzing with excitement. I mean come on, there’s a Thai Chi teaching Ninja Granny, what more could I want?!

Perhaps the thing I am most excited about, aside from an array of cocktail and food vans, is the mud. Heads up to the rest of the team, if you can’t find me look to the river. Being from a muddy little Devon town, I just love it. It just makes me think back to childhood, running around my local woods or the moors and splashing through every available puddle or bog.

You honestly have no idea how excited I am to liberate myself from my wellies and dive into it head-first. And as it’s a staple tradition of the festival I’m sure I won’t the be only one eagerly looking on as the tide recedes, or the only one awkwardly speed waddling to the showers afterwards.