Interrailling for beginners

Interrailling for beginners

One year ago this week I was travelling to Australia, on the way to a summer of travel and learning.

This summer…well, here’s the travel!

A handful of mates (some chemists, and some all sorted others) and I are threading our way through Europe for over a month this summer- though, with the unique level of organisation we have, only one other mate and I are doing the whole thing… Either way, here’s the rough itinerary.

We are not artists, nor geographers.

So we begin, Megabus to Amsterdam. I mean, it’s only £27 from Plymouth to Amsterdam! Yay, super cheap compared to flying (or driving, which I considered for a whole 30 seconds). The only disadvantage is it leaves from Bretonside Bus Station at a lovely 1am, and arrives at Amsterdam 8PM… the next day. Steven gets on in Plymouth, I get on at Bristol, and Alice gets on in London.

5 nights Amsterdam. Due to the unique timings, this is now split over two different hostels (and a campsite, because hostels double on price on Friday and Saturday nights! I wonder why?)

Then we travel to Munich, via train. Munich is an interesting one, because they have a hostel, called “the tent”… It’s a tent; In the middle of a park. Filled with bunk beds with an attached beer garden, because Germany. To say I’m excited would be wild understatement.

After Munich we head to Prague. Here Alice is flying out because she has tickets to star wars celebration back in the UK (I’m moderately jealous). Steven’s housemate Rob flies in (hopefully, at time of writing), and then out again, and James flies in. Phew!

Approx a week later (and multiple airport trips) we’ll take the train to Krakow. Here, we find Hagrid (Real name; Angharad. Tried to pronounce that in fresher’s week in first year, failed and she’s been Hagrid ever since.  Then a few days in Poland, Where the hostels are cheap, and the drinks are reportedly cheaper, before train to Budapest.

In Budapest, I’m currently attempting to rally as many chemists, friends and others to come fly out and spend the last week with us all- possibly the last time some of us will see each other before the terrifying post- university life! It’s gonna be awesome, and come August when I’m back, there may even be some exciting pictures… watch this space!