A typical day of revision

Revision has set in. As I write this, in exactly one week I will be in an exam room, furiously trying to remember mass spectrometry and diagrams of organic compounds, in the culmination of organic chemistry. One week after that, and I shall be done. Not only for these units, but also this year, and this course. That’s pretty terrifying. 

Over the last week, I have fallen into a revision schedule. Here's an approximate day and how I fit in enough revision for my exams, (let’s call it Thursday, for argument’s sake!)

10 Am. Wake up. If I haven’t got any lectures or a reason to get up, I’m sure as anything not getting up before 9. 10 is pleasant as it still allows stuff to happen in the morning.

11 AM. By now I’d like to think I have eaten breakfast, showered, and perhaps even checked my emails. I’m not good in the mornings. Deal with it….

12 midday. Consider going for a bit of a walk. 50/50 if I go for one. In this case, I need food shopping, so I stick a bag in my back pocket, (Sainsbury’s ain’t getting my 5p!) 

2 PM by now I’m likely back from a walk, and this time have shopping! Quick lunch, then…
Somewhere between 2 and 3 - to the library. Usually, by this point, there will be more space (the library can be super busy in the mornings and early afternoon) by 3 or so, there’s usually space, though, so I settle in the room we have informally dubbed “the chem cave”.

7 PM. Time for a Tesco run. Meal deal and snacks. 

11 PM/12 Midnight. Revision will have ground to a halt, so head home. Perhaps spend an hour or two playing computer games with friends before...

1 AM. Zzzzz

Rinse and repeat until exams.