So why Plymouth?

Of course there are many factors to consider in choosing a university and I can’t speak for anyone, except myself. Your reasons may be different, but here are five of the reasons why I chose to study at Plymouth.  

  • The city. I didn't really consider location, but having come from a somewhat south-western medium sized city,  (Bath) I felt comfortable here. I went on the bus tour of the city on the Open Day I attended, and it just felt……nice. It was the only place I came away from with me thinking “yeah, I could live here”
  • Housing. Looking around universities, I saw a few which had first year halls on campus, and then second and third year housing a 30 minute bus ride away. In my three years here, I’ve never had to walk more than 10 mins to university, and 5 mins to a shop. It’s pretty convenient. 
  • The Applicant Day. Plymouth wasn't the first applicant day I came to, but it was definitely the most interesting one. I have written a whole post about why applicant days are great, in fact which you can find here. In essence, the Applicant Day actually gives you a nice example of the course before even starting, and what’s more persuasive than shiny labs to play in?
  • The course. Again, I’ve harped on about how I actually still really enjoy my course here, but not only is it enjoyable, and challenging, but it can also lead to interesting things. See last week about why that’s so important, right now!
  • Pasties. Definitely the pasties. As silly as that sounds (and as sarcastic as it is), this area does have a lot of great food and drink… Cornish pasties, Cream teas, nice ciders, ETC….. and everyone likes a pasty!

Of course in the choice of which university to go to, there’s many factors I never considered which might be important for you. For example I don't have any children, you may want to stay in contact with friends (but you’ll always keep in contact anyway), also location may be important (for me as long as it wasn’t the same city as home…)etc.