The major project (and a major source of marks) in many degrees is the dissertation. Requirements vary between courses, but mine was supposed to read like a scientific report, and around (guidance only) 10,000 to 12,000 words. This is the saga of dissertating…..

If you have been reading these blog posts from the beginning, then you will already know I chose to do a summer project last summer, to gather data and international industrial experience, in Australia. Therefore, my project involved very little lab work back in the UK, and a lot more sifting through the data I had, and making it usable and relevant. The perks of this, is there was much more time to consider the data, and make conclusions. 

There’s quite a nice team spirit that happens near the deadline- proof reading each other’s work, and congratulating on others successes. We took up a room in the library (and were often the only people there late at night, earning it the nickname “the chem cave”) and put a completionism % on the board, updating as required!

At the end of the day, I should really have been further ahead. Unfortunately, I was still working on spelling and grammar a couple of days before the deadline, at which point my laptop decided against working as a word processor, and instead refused to open my dissertation document… “this document is corrupt. Please try and recover” is not the message you want to see on your dissertation!

Nonetheless I had backups, and therefore, retreated home (for a working computer and printer) and printed! 

2 more deadlines, a dissertation presentation and a couple of exams, and I’m done! Eek!