On taking dungeons, and their associated dragons

University could be argued as the best time in your life to try new things- in my case, that allowed to me to get nerdy- as mentioned last time, with the everything made of chemicals, this extends to my studies, but what about free time? (yes, it can exist!) 

So what do you get when you cross 5 chemists, a psychology student and an afternoon? It sounds like the setup to a joke...and that’s because it is. We started playing dungeons and dragons.

This all came about just before Christmas, when nobody had time due to exams, so we have only kicked off recently. And when I say kicked off, I mean blasted, sliced, persuaded, postered and perceived...

Dungeons and dragons is a table top role playing game, for those not aware. It involves character creation from an approximately medieval setting, followed by using those characters to have complete free reign on a world based off the combined imagination of the players, and vaguely guided by a “dungeon master”- who, as well as actually organising the rowdy rabble that 5 exaggerated characters can become, also arranges any encounters and other characters in the worlds. 

Each player has a character sheet, with some statistics, calculated by dice rolls. Here, for example, is Ancar, my current character (yeah, only level 1) who is a religious acolyte who worships Cthulhu, but is mostly a warlock- so does a lot of magic.

In our last session, we defended a farm against gnolls, before tracking the remaining, wounded gnoll to a cave via a small incident with a lion (which almost knocked somebody’s head off), some moderately annoying skeletons in a tomb, and a wildfire (totally not started because we were too loud chasing the gnoll...)

It was all a bit of a laugh, really... Which is the general idea. But I do think it’s important to have a bit of time off every now and then, and for those 3 or 4 hours, I realised I hadn’t thought about chemistry once, which is unusual for me! Needless to say the adventures of Ancar and co. continue…