I think I just PhD myself...

So I got a PhD for next year. And I’m really excited!

This is my last year on my course, and that leaves a choice…..

1)      Heading into the world of work through one of the many graduate schemes, or through an available job. Then continue to work for the next 40 years until retirement. I wasn't sure that was for me just yet.

2)      Further education. Options here are masters (for which tuition loans are available, and I  could live like a student again, but a year onwards I shall have the same problem) OR going straight into a PhD, which is much harder (usually, a masters is at least desirable for an applicant) BUT is fully funded, plus you get to be a Dr at the end.

Obviously only somebody wildly ambitious would go for a PhD. So I did (I’m not the only one in my year to, either!).

The only problem then, was finding a project I thought was interesting (very easy, there’s a lot of interesting research going on currently!) but also that I thought I could do a great job at for the next 3-4 years (a lot trickier, as I tend to be hard on myself). The solution to this came from a moderately unexpected source…. PML.

PML is the Plymouth Marine laboratory, an independent research organisation. They have a few links with the university, with lecturers here working with researchers there, and they also took placements over the summer. Plus I went to their PhD open afternoon, had a look around, and found a project that took my fancy, and had a chat to the supervisor.

One application, a trip to Southampton for the interview and….I got an offer!

Obviously this was a cause for celebration. Plus it means I’m gonna be a student, in Plymouth, for the next three years. But best of all is the fact I get to be excited about science and learn new things, which is why I’m here in the first place!