A sunset walk around Plymouth

Along with my policy of getting over-excited about my course, and life here, I ended up doing the #chatwithplym event last week. This basically consisted of a few bloggers and I getting questions fired at us from prospective students (and a few other people) and then tackling them on social media. I had the student room, which was entertaining, as I got to hijack messages other universities had done, as well as post on the reply thread…[insert evil laughter].

Confused questioning look…

One of the questions asked at the event was about the city, which, in all honesty, I take a little for granted. Originally, I’m from Bath, which is a relatively similar size to Plymouth, but with one crucial difference, Plymouth is much, much flatter. This has led to my now regular de-stressing hobby: going for a bit of a walk. Sometimes, Ihead in a randomly picked direction just for an explore- after living here for two years I feel I should know the area around- I have been as far as Devonport and stoke on the west side, as far north as the dual carriageway and  east into plymstock- everywhere within about 3km of my current house. However, most recently, I have been doing a relatively similar route; purely because I find it exceedingly pleasant. Thus, here, exclusively, is the pictorial guide for my random walk around Plymouth. The route generally takes around an hour. Scroll through the slide show below to my picturesque route around Plymouth.