Oz finale

It’s over.

Finished. Shocking, I know. For me, at least. I have been in Australia just over 10 weeks, and leave with a (relatively) full set of data. There’s a little more I could have done, with another week or so, however a brief summer holiday followed by returning to Plymouth as third year beckons. Writing this a few short days before returning to the 5th rainiest city in the UK, for some reason I couldn’t be much more excited. As per my (self-imposed) duties to get freshers confident about joining the Chemistry course, I’ve been talking to a few of them on Facebook. And I realised what fun they have ahead. That isn’t even sarcasm- I’m serious! So while I showed them how to access the timetable and talked module choices (an alien concept to me, as the course has changed slightly in the last year) I’d like to think I got the message across. After 2 years, I still can’t wait to return. And I guess that’s the biggest endorsement I could possibly give my course.


But before I get back to that, here’s some pictures of stuff I did in (and out of) my placement

And finally filled both a lab book and a fair portion of my hard drive with data. Win.