Let’s talk about employability and wellbeing; it is important to acknowledge when we need support.

So, what made you decide to come to come to Plymouth University? My personal reasons were that I wanted to experience a new way of life by the sea, make new friends, and learn different skills so that I could become as employable as possible!

As a new or current student with Plymouth University, it’s good to know what services and support are available to you when you need them most.

I have always struggled with selling myself on paper; through working in customer service, I visually demonstrate my skills and personality, I don’t write my competencies down – I just show the customers! But of course, the key to being employed by an institution of your liking is being able to sell yourself on your CV, your supporting statements and your online portfolios – such as LinkedIn and job search engines.

My colleague Helen delivers free guidance sessions which we call ‘Accelerate Workshops’. The scope of the sessions ranges from constructing show-stopping CVs, to making the most out of your LinkedIn pages. I can safely say that without Helen’s guidance I would still be selling myself short!

Check out when the latest sessions are running: http://bit.ly/plymevents

…Accelerate workshops are designed to be interactive, bite-sized and informal yet informative. Get clued-up about an employability topic in under an hour...

The Careers & Employability Hub on the ground floor in the Roland Levinsky building is the place to go for free ‘Accelerate Workshops’ and careers advice from trained professionals, to name a few things.

…The Plymouth University Careers and Employability Service works to ensure that all students and graduates develop the career and employability skills required by graduate recruiters and that all aspects of the student experience assist the skills development and career prospects of Plymouth students. It is aligned to and works collaboratively with faculty colleagues, delivering a careers curriculum, a placements curriculum and an employability skills development programme that encourages students to:

• explore their options
• plan their career journey
• expand their employability skills
• challenge themselves to succeed
• develop into a confident professional…

It is not always careers guidance that we may need; sometimes if something is causing us concern, is upsetting or distressing us, then it may help for us to talk about it in a safe environment. The Learning Gateway, also on the ground floor of the Roland Levinsky at the ‘Big Screen’ end, is the place to go if you need someone to talk to.

Moving to University is an extremely rewarding experience: new living arrangements, new city, new people. It’s important to be mindful that these changes may also be very stressful, and that help is available on campus when you need it.

Check out SHINE, Plymouth University’s Self Help Inspiring E-Resources at the following page:


…SHINE with Plymouth University categorises student friendly content on mental health and well-being…

Good luck with your academic year, get involved in the services I’ve written about, and enjoy your time with Plymouth University!

Best wishes,