What should you do the night before A level results day?

So what should you do the night before results day? Relax! Results day is likely to bring with it feelings of panic, guilt and fear. The most important things to remember here are that you are not alone, and that you shouldn’t bottle up your feelings; talk to family and friends and share your emotions.

I remember feeling all three of those emotions the evening before result’s day. Instead of letting them take over though I told myself:

“You have already worked as hard as you can on your coursework and exams.”

“You have already researched universities, and written an honest personal statement.”

When you start feeling the same way I did, be honest with yourselves and realise that you have already done everything you needed to do.

Now it is time to relax!

Go for a nice long walk with some great scenery to take your mind off of things.

Have a beer!

Cook a delicious dinner for your family or friends (I find cooking and entertaining particularly therapeutic if I am stressed!).

I hope you can employ some of these on your evening before result’s day.

Remember, everything happens for a reason.

This phrase is the number one favourite thing to tell myself. I use it if things have not exactly gone to plan, or if something unexpected has happened. It always makes me feel better as it lets me take the good with the bad and let’s me understand that sometimes for something good to happen, something ‘bad’ must happen first!

Good luck everyone on result’s day!