Paul recommends places to eat in Plymouth

When you move to a new city, before you find your feet, it takes some time before you find your favourite place for coffee, wine and food!

Since I have lived in Plymouth for almost eight years, I've had plenty of time to discover some great places to hang out with friends or just chill out with a coffee and a book.

So, to help you on your journey, I've been putting a list together of some places you must check out whether you are visiting for an open day, or planning on moving down to Plymouth for your studies.

Barbican Theatre and Thai noodle bar, Barbican
This venue has a wide variety of events from cabaret to comedy. If noodles are also your thing then you're in for a treat!

A Taste of Thailand, Indoor Pannier Market
The most authentic Thai food I have tasted outside of Thailand! Try the Chiang Mai yellow curry with crispy noodles, yum!

Rockfish, Barbican
Who doesn't love fish and chips, especially when they are certified sustainable and the fishing boats unload their catches immediately next door?! I introduce you to Rockfish; a friendly restaurant right on the water.

Prime Cafe, Ebrington Street
Good coffee, good food, good tunes. Oh and if the occasion calls for it, good wine! There is ample comfortable seating in this bright, artsy, vintage space. Support a lovely local company and get primed for coffee!

River Cottage Canteen, Royal William Yard
As you will have learnt from my earlier posts. I work at River Cottage Canteen, right on the Tamar River. We have plenty of sustainable food options (check out the whole Devon crab), as well as arguably the best view in Plymouth!

Move to Plymouth and live like a local straight away! See you next time!