Summer is for exploring! Discover what’s in and around Britain’s Ocean City

Longer days, warmer weather, what is there not to love about summer? Especially when your final deadlines and exams have come and gone!

Plymouth’s location is one of its great assets. Nestled in the rugged beauty of the South West, the city has many of its own hidden gems, take Saltram, Plymbridge Woods and Mount Batten for example, each are a short bus, cycle or walk away and you can find inner peace as you let the bustle of the city go amongst natural surroundings.

Plymouth sits on the western edge of Devon, flanked by the Tamar which serves as the county border to Cornwall.  Get a train over Brunel’s Royal Albert Bridge into our neighbouring county, where there are a host of historic fishing villages, stunning surf spots and favourite comfort foods!

One of my passions is walking or running along the South West coast path. My parents first took me along the route and I am still as enchanted by it today.

The soothing sound of the sea hurling its energy at the ragged rocky shore. Trees grow forming arches over the path as they seek shelter from the salts carried by the wind. Wild flowers bloom and all manner of sea birds swoop and circle high above.

Cornish beaches are also a perfect place to socialise with friends. Whitsands Bay is accessible in roughly thirty minutes from Plymouth city centre. A long sandy beach at low tide transforms into hidden coves when the sea returns, perfect for evening barbecues and games on the beach.

If you choose Plymouth you’re not only choosing a university, you are choosing a lifestyle!

Wish you were here!