Why did I choose to study in Plymouth, twice?

“How long have you lived in the south-west, Paul?”

“I moved to Plymouth from Birmingham in September 2008. That makes… eight years, almost!” 

I think I showed more surprise at my response than the customer I was serving did! Eight years really have flown by. In this reflective post I am going to share the reasons for my choosing Plymouth as both an institution and a new city to live in.

Originating from land-locked Birmingham, I remember being enchanted by the sea whenever I visited the south-west with my family on holiday. We would almost always visit Looe and Polperro in Cornwall, two beautiful ancient fishing villages just over the Devon-Cornwall border. We would always drive over the Tamar Bridge and that was the signal that we had almost arrived in coastal paradise! The south-west has a fun, friendly and relaxed pace of life which suits my personality very well. The air is clean and the landscapes are amazing – come rain or shine. By now you must have guessed that the reason for my choosing Plymouth as a city is due to its location by the sea!

However it is important to note that it wasn’t just the location that drew me to Plymouth. Plymouth University as an institution has continuously been ranked highly in geographical, earth and marine sciences. As a child and through school I was always fascinated to know how the complicated world around us worked – from glaciers to oceans to storms. Naturally, Geography was my favourite subject at school and on discovering that Plymouth had a well-established Geography with Ocean Science course, I was instantly sold. It really was the best of both worlds in terms of a degree title.

Now, in 2016, after a few years out of academia I am reaching the end of my postgraduate degree in Applied Marine Science. Plymouth is ranked especially highly in marine sciences and I am lucky to have been taught by and worked with world-renowned researchers in the field!

Good luck choosing your new homes!