Paul’s top tips for exam revision

The days are getting longer, the sun isn’t hiding as much and it’s almost time for flip-flops. Unfortunately, there is one barrier to the summer that remains.


I used to freak out and go into meltdown mode around May every year on my undergraduate degree Geography with Ocean Science, especially for my finals. But here are some of my top tips for getting through revision:

•    Download the past papers from all available years (usually available on the student portal)
•    Get your lecture notes and other sources ready
•    Answer the past paper questions
•    Repeat for the next past paper

I used to go outside to revise in the sun. Taking past papers, calculators and notes up to the Hoe is easy and it means you can get the best of both worlds – revision with a view.
A day of revision is over, roll on the next!
When you are ready, here are my top tips for the exams themselves:

•    Wake up early
•    Have a good breakfast – porridge or eggs are the best!
•    Have a brief scan over your revision notes – no cramming!
•    Take plenty of water
•    Take a spare pen / calculator (depending on your exam)

Good luck!