South West is best

Hello I’m Paul and welcome to my new student blog! As a postgraduate marine scientist, the majority of my posts will have a coastal theme, so be sure to follow me if you’d like to discover what life is like by the sea in Plymouth, Britain’s Ocean City. 

To give you a little background, I moved from Birmingham to Plymouth in 2008 to undertake my undergraduate degree, Geography with Ocean Science, and I’m still here – I love the pace of life and the surrounding environment. I’m currently studying Applied Marine Science part-time and since it’s my final year I’m busy planning my final project and eagerly seeking coastal work experience.

I like to spend as much time on the coast as I can. At the moment I am volunteering with Plymouth Coastal Observatory who are responsible for monitoring the southwest coastline. They needed a hand surveying the beach at West Bay in Dorset yesterday, despite the wet and windy weather we got the data and I got a little more work experience under my belt!

I’ll be blogging again soon, but unlike yesterday, the sun is out so it’s time for ice cream on the Plymouth waterfront!