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Whether it’s an Open Day, an Applicant Day, or just a visit to see the surrounding area, this is the best way to get a feel for the university. I can not stress how important this is, because you can meet students and people doing your course, ask lots of questions and check out the campus and the facilities.
— Juliet
The biggest turning point for me was definitely an Open Day I attended. My tutor at college always told me that when I step foot into a university I’ll know within minutes whether it was ‘the one for me’, which at the time I brushed off as one of those nonsense ‘meant-to-be-inspirational’ comments that teachers make, the type that you’d see plastered all over the walls of the careers adviser’s office. Yet merely after registering in the Roland Levinsky building and having a coffee with my dad (he’s the type to always arrive to any event super early so we were one of the only applicants there!), I knew that Plymouth was ‘that place’ even though the day had barely begun. Despite the drizzly grey sky of a January morning, the vibe was lively and bright; student ambassadors drenched in their raincoats were still full of smiles and eager to help my clueless self navigate around campus using our now damp map.
— Lauren
I found that after the UCAS process, Applicant and Open Days were very useful to see how the university and the surrounding area is like. It was such a useful day because when I started university in September I found that I recognised the area a lot better after visiting.
— Melanie