Hello there! My name is Omar, and I am a final year Environmental Science student here at Plymouth University. I’m from Croydon, South London (so am quite a distant from home!) This is my 4th year at the university as my first year was spent doing the Extended Science course. 


I have a huge number of interests so my time is often spent trying to accomplish and enjoy as many things as possible, and being at Plymouth these past few years has given me ample opportunity to do so. My stint at Plymouth has, so far, been incredible. I have a diverse range of experiences under my belt, the existences of which I did not even contemplate as something that was available for people to do, let alone achieve, and which will probably be talked about in my upcoming blog posts. Doing the degree I do at Plymouth has been wonderful. The course is broad, the work is hard and the skills I’ve gained are incredibly varied. We have had amazing field trips and I’ve met and listened to people at the top of their game in their (and my) respective areas, which was both inspirational and humbling. However, my life is not all solemn academia. My extra-curricular life is buzzing! 


My first 2 months of final year have been beyond hectic! I arrived in Plymouth at midnight, 7 hours before I had to be up and ready for the Sports and Societies Fair where I, along with other committee members of the Environmental Society, manned our stall. We got an impressive 210 signups on the day (many of which came from me, because I’m just that talented). I am the Charity Secretary of the society, so have been creating various events to raise funds for this year’s chosen charity, the World Land Trust. As part of the University of Plymouth Student’s Union (UPSU), all societies are part of Icons, an award programme designed to recognise societies that go above and beyond for both their members and the local, national and international community. Last year Enviro Soc raised £1000, winning the Silver Icons award. Our goal this year is to raise £2000 and in the process achieve Gold.


The society has a cute monkey mascot, seen in the bottom left of the picture, who finally received a name (Darwin!) which a fresher submitted as part of our “Name our mascot” competition. This won her one of our cool tie-dye EnviroSoc t-shirt. We’ve been on joint socials with People and Planet, as well as relaxing socials involving afternoon tea in a classy setting. We have been allowed access to cinema screen viewings of Planet Earth II by Marine Biology Society and have had discussions and meetings both as a society and with the Environmental and Sustainability Forum to take on and fight for green issues. We have an upcoming winter stall where we will be selling warm mince pies and mulled apple juice for the WLT, as well as an elegant Christmas dinner where we’ll be donning our finest wares and doing posh things. This is just one tiny aspect of my life as a student. I look forward to sharing more!