🎨 Fine Art End of Year Show! 🎨

Every year, Fine Art hold an end of year exhibition to showcase our work. This year, first and second years teamed up and we held a joint exhibition across two sites – on campus in the Roland Levinsky building, and at the Royal William Yard studios. We had our private view on Friday evening, where family and friends were invited to view the artworks for the first time, along with lots of wine!


Every year it’s really exciting to set up for our exhibition! Weeks of preparation goes into it. We have to create the work, clear the whole spaces and build walls to construct a gallery space, paint walls, put up our work, have our assessment, and then we can enjoy the evening! We had a really big turnout this year, with not only course mates but friends, family, lecturers, other students, MA students and others coming. I thought I’d share some photos I have, to give an idea of what it’s like to have an exhibition at University! 


In the build-up to the exhibition, everyone on the course is split into different groups: 1) Installation team (building and painting walls), 2) Private View team (sorting out the posters/marketing and food and refreshments for the evening, or 3) Invigilation, watching over the exhibition. It gives us an insight into what it’s like to hold a public exhibition and all the work that goes into it, which is a lot more than what I expected. It is chaos, but always worth it in the end! 


My parents came on Saturday to see the show, and it was a lovely sunny afternoon so we ended up walking round Royal William Yard and enjoying the galleries and shops down there. The yard is a hidden treasure in Plymouth, you wouldn’t really know about it unless you knew that the Fine Art studios are based there. But it is definitely worth a visit - there’s lots of shops, galleries, cafes, restaurants, and spaces to enjoy the sea views.  


Now that our show is over with, we only have to finish a few essays and then we’re done for summer! I can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by, and I can’t believe that next year I’ll be in third year! 


If you're in Plymouth in June, make sure to check out the degree show, showcasing the work of the third year Fine Art/Fine Art and Art History students. It’s going to be amazing!