πŸ“š What Is Third Year Like? πŸ“š

Hi everyone!

Being 7 weeks into my third year of BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History, I can confirm it is fairly stressful already! The scary β€˜dissertation’ word has been mentioned, along with lots of reading to do for various modules and trying to make artwork in the studio too! I thought I’d run through what a week in third year so far looks like for anyone who is wondering – I did one of these last year and it has changed quite a bit! The way the joint honours programme works can be a little confusing, but you definitely get used to the swing of it in no time.


Monday – Art History:

In the morning, every other week I have a dissertation meeting with my tutor, where we discuss the research that I have conducted so far and where I should go with it next. In the afternoon, from 3-6 we have an β€˜Art in the Early Twentieth Century’ module (which includes a lecture, followed by a seminar where we discuss the readings). With about 3-4 readings each week for just this seminar, it is quite a big workload but it is definitely interesting! At 6 I normally go to an exercise class at the Nancy Astor Sports Centre in a bid to keep fit – I would recommend it if you don’t want to pay too much, if the gym scares you a little or if you just prefer a directed class rather than doing exercise on your own. Then I finally head home and relax for the evening.


 Tuesday – Studio day:

Tuesday is normally one of our dedicated days at Royal William Yard in our Fine Art studios. We normally have tutorials (either single or group tutorials) with one of the lecturers where we discuss our ideas for our project and where to take our artwork next. It is really helpful to be able to share your ideas with other people and gets lots of different opinions. After the yard, I tend to just head home and try to do some sketchbook work in the evening.


 Wednesday – catching up on work:

Wednesday is normally a free day, which is nice because I can spend it either at the yard or in the library, catching up on whichever side of the course I feel more behind on. As a course rep, we have (once a term) a β€˜Staff-Student Liaison meeting’ where we get to talk to other students across all three years and the lecturers about any positives or negatives about the course. It’s our chance to bring up any issues we have so that they will be fixed for the future years on the course! And it looks great on your CV.


 Thursday – Art History:

Thursday is an assigned Art History day, but we have no lectures or tutorials, so I normally dedicate this to my dissertation. This normally involves trawling through various books in the library and drowning in lots of jstor articles! But the research is definitely interesting and I’m telling myself that this is the fun part before writing up all 10,000 words - so I’ll try and enjoy it whilst I can! It will be very rewarding to finish and hand in in May I am sure.


 Friday – Studio day:

On a Friday, I normally go to the yard for the day and try to fit some work in before the weekend. Our student cards have a bus logo which allows us to get the bus from Royal Parade to Royal William Yard for free between 7 in the morning and midnight. It’s perfect for people that prefer to wake up early, or have studio evenings. It’s always hard to stay for too long on a Friday with the weekend just around the corner, but sometimes I just take a moment to sit by the sea and appreciate the beautiful setting I’m lucky enough to work by! There are lots of nice coffee shops for a coffee to get me through work too.

So that’s a week on the Fine Art and Art History course in third year! It’s nice changing it up between lectures, the library and the studio, as you don’t really get bored of doing the same thing and it proves quite effective for balancing my time equally between the 2 courses. Doing something slightly different every day is probably my favourite bit about the course.

I hope everyone is having a great day, thank you for reading!