Getting back into my Dj and radio student societies

Now I’m getting back into the swing of going to lectures and balancing other commitments that go along with university, I’m beginning to get more involved with the societies that I am involved with as they are beginning to start up again after the festive break. The two student societies I am part of (which I originally joined in third year) are Upbeat-DJ society and UPSU:Radio. Two which I enjoy highly because of the skills I get to learn by doing them and also the amount that I get from them for such a small joining fee.                                             

Upbeat- I am really looking forward to starting again as I am beginning to learn CDJs ( the complicated DJ set up that professional DJs use) because I absolutely love my music when I am not reading or writing various essays. Also, with Upbeat there are a lot of opportunities to do paid gigs once you’ve learnt how to mix efficiently, which I must confess, I do need a lot more practice!  I also really like  being part of this particular society because of the social aspect of it, as there is a generous sharing of mixes and new music due to everyone’s different preferences.     

UPSU:radio is something that goes hand in hand with Upbeat. I host the radio show called Upbeat:radio in which we showcase guest mixes from the society on university radio. Now, I enjoy radio due to again, the skills I learn, but also another way of presenting myself as, coming from a theatre background, it’s nice to just be myself and have conversations about music on the radio. As well as learning other skills like advertising to get people to listen (in case you’re interested it’s on Tuesday 8-10)

Near this time of year- societies begin to organise AGM meetings, which are basically events where if you want to be on the committee for the following year and help run the society you can do. Which is a good thing to put on your CV whilst also being a lot of fun.